Seriously, we’re the best at what we do! Are you in need of engraved Engraved Device Covers that will withstand busy medical centers, federal buildings, or other lively professional environments? Engraved Device Covers – For hospitals in need of wall plates for identifying circuitry and panel information. They are often engraved with depth and paint-filled – Red or Black. There’s no need to look any further for an experienced team of passionate engravers for your project, no matter what it is! We understand that correct labeling can be a matter of safety, and we take our work very seriously. We specialize in engraving and paint-filling switchplates for hospitals and government buildings, but we can engrave (and paint-fill) any switchplate! We hold ourselves to a high standard and produce high-quality engraved metal plates that feature both text and visuals with the added benefit of a smooth, scratch-resistant finish. But don’t fret! We also Engrave and Paint-fill Plastic Outlet Plate Covers.

Engraved Device Covers

Engraved Device Covers

We use cutting-edge technology, skilled artisanship, and loads of passion;

Everything needed to make stunningly beautiful engraved cover plates with expert paint filling that lasts for decades! Our experienced team has the state-of-the-art equipment, intense dedication, and many years of experience necessary to ensure a pristine and precise final product while offering competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. When I say fast, I mean fast!  Our average turnaround time for engraved and paint-filled cover plates is 24 hours to seven days, depending on quantity of outlet plate covers. Do you need 1000 covers done in a week? No problem, but we must move fast! We often work with individuals and businesses who request a “rush order.” If you need one of these “rush orders,” we will do anything physically possible in the natural world to complete your switchplate order in mere hours- as long as the laws of the universe allow us to, that is.

Power Distribution Labels

WHY Label your electrical outlets?

If you have a complex electrical setup with multiple switches controlling various devices or outlets, labeling provides a clear and organized system for managing your electrical functions. With labeled switch plates, you can quickly find and operate the switch you need, saving time and frustration. This is especially beneficial during emergencies or when you need to act swiftly. Labeling switches enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidental shocks or damage caused by turning off the wrong switch. For new employees, labeled switches can be part of the training process. Clearly marked controls help newcomers quickly adapt to the workplace environment.

In industrial or manufacturing settings, switches may control various machinery or equipment. Proper labeling helps operators and maintenance personnel identify the correct controls, reducing the risk of errors or accidents. Labeling promotes consistency in operations. When everyone can easily identify and understand the functions of switches, it minimizes the likelihood of mistakes and creates a more organized and efficient work environment. Depending on the industry, there may be specific regulations or guidelines regarding the labeling of electrical components. Ensuring that everything is correctly labeled can help the workplace remain compliant with safety standards.

We love our customers!

We will do our best to accommodate you and meet your needs! So, if you’re looking for an unbeatable level of quality, unlimited customization options, and durability for your outlet plate covers—we’ve got you covered! Haha! Plus, not only do we guarantee top-quality products, but our customer service is on point!

Let us assist you today and make your vision a reality! Our Laser Engraving and Paint-Filling Services are the perfect solution to your custom Outlet Plate Covers needs!


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